First Blog Post

By Carrie Rose | Wednesday, 15 May 2013 Leave a Comment

First Blog Post!!

Uni friends social nightoutAhhh first post!! I was nervous but excited to start officially blogging but now there is nothing stopping me ! I wanted to start this blog as I genuinely love talking, sharing, and socialising as a hobby so I thought why not???

I have lots I would love to already talk about however I think it is best to first introduce myself!

My names Carrie Rose, I am now 21 years old ( scary) and just graduated from Leeds University and landed myself a perfect job in PR (even more scarier). As you may see in my About page, I love social media and happy for you to follow, comment, tweet or like (whatever takes your fancy)!

Ok enough about me!!!  And a little about you...

I am hoping you will like my blog and get a little insight into my life, dreams, hopes and fears (Ok not fears!)

You will start to see my blog bulk up with lots of post, comments, likes and subscribers (wishful thinking) and I hope that you enjoy!

This is something I am doing in my spare time but would love to build up my blogging presence and on social media too!

My blog will consist of photos of my daily fashion wear, beauty products I try, my bad morning hair turn to glam with different styles, and stories about me, my life and my style! (My Lifestyle!)

I hope I see you back on here again :)

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