Throwback Friday

By Carrie Rose | Saturday, 18 May 2013 Leave a Comment
I thought I would kick start my blogging by really sharing a little about me! As it is Friday, I am going to do a quick throwback and share with you the story about 'Ginger Rosie Spudda Nosie':

This was my nickname as a child!

I had long bright ginger hair, rosie red cheeks and a spud nose ( in other words a button nose)! My dad used to call me this all the time and also my god parents after it being so catchy!

I used to hate my ginger hair when I was little! I was the different child! Probably the only one in my class and suspiciously the only one in my family (My mum swears I am not adopted). I had short baby hairs that stuck out on the sides. The slight bit of wetness my hair turned wavy and It once grew so long I tripped over it running up the stairs! But NOW I LOVE IT! Everywhere I look there is ginger people all around! Even fake gingers! People that have chose to die their hair ginger! And I love it! My hair is thick and golden and dying it is something I will never do!

In the picture on the right, there is me in the middle, my cousin Vicky on the left and my two sisters on my right! Courtnay in Green was a cheeky little one (and still is) and Charnee is the big sister, the sensible one at that! We as sisters are best friends and as we often went out on the narrow boat, drank warm blackcurrent and went fishing with my dad!

family days- little
 I believe these days were the best days of my life! I remember my parents telling me when I grew up I would regret wishing my life away! I replied 'whatever' but now understand exactly what they meant!

Anyway, you have now been introduced to me and my family! I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself but it is quite fun! A lot more funner than tidying my room (which really needs doing right now)!

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