Exercise and Holiday shopping!

By Carrie Rose | Tuesday, 21 May 2013 Leave a Comment
Rather than lazying around thinking I will look fab and slim without any effort, I have signed up for the gym and aim to lose a few more pounds before my holiday to Egypt! During my years at Uni, I put on a fair bit of weight (too much alcohol and crap food!) and recently it hit me! I have never been this big and unhappy about the way I look, so I decided to start off focusing on my diet and happily I have lost 1 stone! I am extremely happy but even more eager to lose more! So today is the day I add exercise to my regime and home to sift a few more before my holiday :) I have bootcamp fitness class arranged for tomorrow so looking forward to that!

Not only do I want to look good, but its all about feeling good too which is why I have done a little online shopping! :)

My Asos order came today with a pretty little number inside! I was a little worried that I had ZERO summer/holiday clothes especially when Egypt is only 2 weeks away! Apart from sending 2 items back simply because they were too big (wooop wooop), I loved my new items! I'm really liking the whole space pattern trend at the minute and thought I would treat myself to a space patterned skater skirt!

What do you all think???

The skirt is perfect fitting, compliments my tan, and was cheap!! £16 I think! I feel I can wear this on nights out with a cute black purse and high heels and also on holiday!

So far I have had over 300 views in just 2 days! Keep reading :)

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