By Carrie Rose | Sunday, 19 May 2013 Leave a Comment
My mum came home with a surprise!

Both me and my sister (Courtnay) received a message to prepare ourselves for a little package! We waited in excitement guessing from Mac makeup, to a Michael Kors handbag!

Mum came home looking just like normal! She walked into the kitchen, handbag over her shoulder, flicked the kettle on and asked us about our day! But then ..... She opened her handbag! and the most amazing little present was sat within!

Coco Rose our new Miniature Yorkie Terrier Puppy! She was the most scared little thing, shivering in her fluff boots, hesitating to leave the comfy little pouch my mum had made for her!

coco puppy cuteFor the first few weeks she struggled to walk! Her little legs weren't very strong however after a few months she was tubbing down the stairs and jumping around like a little tigger! She is the most angelic little devil going! She has the cutest puppy dog eyes but always gets her way! A true little princess!

She likes it when I have a messy room as she snuggles in my clothes and then rips holes in my socks! A you would have guess we call her the little devil! However she does receive many other names including CocoPops, CocoPops and Milk, Fluffy Totter and Twinkle Toes!

She is literally part of the family and we wouldn't have it any other way!

She eats anything and everything! She's even ate our converse trainers! At this very minute she's laid snug in my clothes on the floor and she's making little noise's while she dreams! She's a little tired out today after helping us build a fairy house for the garden!

Weve always wanted a little fairy house in our garden , with lights, sofas and cushions so my step dad built one today! The bits and pieces were delivered yesterday with instructions to build it ourselves. Unfortunately Coco ate the instructions so we spent most of yesterday sticking them back together..........
I will update you on the progress of our fairy house tomorrow as its nearly been put up!!

Best crack on with this tidying!
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