Nearly 2 stone lost - squat challenge to get a bum like Beyonce

By Carrie Rose | Monday, 20 May 2013 1 comment
I want to give my readers a quick update on my weightless progress a I guess it motivates me talking about it to others too! I knew I would find weightless hard and it really is proving to be difficult. As you all probably know it is so easy to just pick a biscuit or consume lots of calories from one can of coke! Well so far I have done really well! I am counting my calories daily through my fitness pal app, swapping bad to good and exercising too. However, you guys probably don't know this but I am a fussy eater therefore struggling with healthy meal options.

I am that fussy I have visited my doctor for nutritional advice. We went through a list of foods I do like (not many at that) and combined items to make healthy meals and snacks. If you feel you are really fussy too to the point where you struggle in restaurants, my doctor advised me that it is simply all in my head. He says my mind rejects food and not my stomach!
I used to live off anything made out of potatoes! I don't like meat, I don't like salads but what I do like is fruit and soup! So that is now my new diet! I go to the gym around 4 times a week but planning on going everyday this week!

In just 5 weeks I lost 1 stone and 4 pounds and now I have lost 24 pound overall! Thats just under 2 stone and here is my before and after pic:

weightloss process before and after lost 24 pound overall

This is a side picture of my progress! The picture on the left is the "before" picture, and was taken during 1st year of uni when I was at my highest point of weight! And then picture on the right was 2 days ago when trying on my new bikinis showing how much fat I have lost off my belly, legs, and arms! Although I have lost a lot of fat and not so plumped anymore, I am still very wide! I have figured that my width and my hips will be the last place to go so I am determined to keep going to drop some dress sizes!

I am currently doing the 30 day squat challenge to help lose of my hips! I have found over the last few days that I keep forgetting about doing them so when i'm lying in bed about to go to sleep late at night I keep remembering and forcing myself out of bed to do over 100 squats! Now thats determination!

If any of you are interested in taking part simply follow the chart below to a good peachy bum!

30 day squat challenge

I will certainly keep you updated on my progress :)

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  1. p.s remember to screen shot the 30 day squat challenge, set it as your main image on your phone and it will help you remember and keep you motivated!!