Summer Fashion - help???

By Carrie Rose | Wednesday, 22 May 2013 Leave a Comment
Ok whilst waiting on a few emails, I thought I would write a little post about what I have been thinking about today!!

Summer is coming up, I have 3 holidays planned ( So lucky) and all I keep thinking about is this summers fashion!! I have 2 weeks until my first holiday in Egypt and have been searching my house for all my summer clothes! WHERE THE HELL HAVE THEY ALL GONE!!

As I mentioned yesterday I ordered a few cheeky holiday clothes which involved 3 skirts and a dress but at the minute what I really need is summer day clothes which I can wear not only on holiday but also in England which we all know, is not that great weather!!

I literally live in leggings! Not only are they comfy, but they are cheap and easy which is perfect for me to slip on and get on with my daily tasks! But what I really need is summer tops and day dresses! I have searched and searched and can honestly say I have not been interested in any at the minute! In every shop everything is crop!! Im usually a huge fan of Topshop however i'm sure they make clothes only for 5ft size 8 females as everything is tight fitting and very short! I really hope im not the only one that's disappointed in this! I've found myself living in vest tops! DAMN YOU TOPSHOP! :(
So hopefully we will see a change soon, maybe new clothes will come out once it gets a little warmer! Maybe just maybe!

Anyway, a thing I really wanted to mention was how HOT are the tassle bikinis that are everywhere at the minute!! I love them!!

 Iv treated myself to 2 of them one in black and one in khaki green which is perfect for my skin tone and red hair!!

If anyones wondering where to buy them, Primark are selling them which are cheap too!
Also a few people have asked where they can buy a white one just like this from!! I have just found them on ebay for cheap here is the link...
I havent properly checked this link so if this link is not suitable, just try searching on ebay tassle bikinis and I'm sure you will find the one your looking for on there!

Other than that, I feel I need a new straw hat! There just a perfect accessory for the beach!!

Anyway... So iv been searching the web to find some good clothes websites! I've rinsed ASOS especially when its free delivery and returns at the minute, but dont know where else to look. IF anyone has any good website recommendations please comment below or have a chat with me through here or any of the social networking sites iv listed up above!

I just want to share this outfit to you all too as I am totally in love....

I really want one of these tops to go with all the skirts I have ordered! I found this top on ASOS, however feel my back may be a little too flabby yet as it is very open!! And also how cute is this skirt!!!!! If anyone knows where I can get this, please, SHARE!!!

If you are thinking who is that, its Charlotte from Geordie Shore ! How ace is she right!!!???

Anyway got to go!! Have a fun Tuesday everyone

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