Dieting on Holiday - How?

By Carrie Rose | Thursday, 4 July 2013 Leave a Comment
Ok before I went away on holiday, and pushing myself at the gym, I believe I'd lost around a stone to a stone and a half! I was really worrying that I'd put it all back on again simply due to me being a fussy eater, thinking there will not be much for me to eat over in Egypt!! I set a plan in my head to eat lots of fruit, drink lots of water, and join in with some of the day activities the hotel organises such as water exercises etc!!

I searched the internet for extra tips as I really was worried after trying so hard for so long. On the other hand I was going on holiday , geezzz I still wanted to have fun!!

These are the things I took note of and changed whilst away:

I found that cocktails are the worst thing to have!! Luckily I am not a fan of coctails, more a wine or spirits girl!! So made sure I drank none or little coctails whilst chilling by the pool, drank lots of water and at the night times drowned myself in wine :) (Although wine is not too great for calories)

Secondly stayed way away from coke or high sugared drinks!! Just by choosing lemonade over fanta or coke made that slight different! Afteral every little helps!! However I did constantly have a bottle of cold water by my side :)

I also tried choosing soups and fruit, however I noticed when people were putting their fingers all over the fruit it was very annoying and put me off!!

During my holiday I did eat chip buttys, icecream and cheese sandwhichs, but they were the only bad things I ate!! I didnt eat a lot of them and if I did, I would make sure I ate nothing else that day or had something light!

This may sound to you as if I really dieted on holiday, but trust me I never! I ate what I wanted but substituted alot of my foods for things which were a little bit healthier like the drinks for example. I did alot of walking, swimming etc and for sure had an amazing holiday! Dieting was not constantly on my mind!!!

So if anyones in the same position as me worried about putting the weight on during your holidays then dont worry just make small changes and drink lots of water and youl be fine!!

As soon as I got home I put my suitcase down and ran to the scales and very luckily had LOST 1 POUND whilst away. YEEEEEEHAAAA! I was over the moon , as last year when I went away i put on 8 pounds !! YIKES!!! so that little bit of weight loss was a bonus!

TOP TIP OF THE WEEK : download my fitness pal app and count your calories!! It is the best thing iv done and made sure i dont go over my daily allowance!! Its brill!!

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