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By Carrie Rose | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 Leave a Comment
After having a good month off from blogging I am hopefully now back and keeping this updated.

I came back from my holiday and Egpyt and had an amazing time!! As it was my first holiday in Egypt and outside of Europe I was a little sceptic and unsure of how it was going to be, however I can say I really had a nice time!! The main thing I LOVED about Egpyt was the heat!! It was incredible!! Probably the hottest place iv ever been!!! It was 40 degrees everyday and for sure came home with a great tan!! (Slowly starting to fade and peel now which is soo dissapointing, sunbeds now it is!!! ;) )

When first arriving in Egpyt it was pretty scary!! It was late at night and men were walking the streets with shotguns and it didnt seem so pleasant! It was then I realised that Egpyt as the country is military run, so they dont have community police officers or bobbys on the beat in this area!!!

Other than feeling a little on edge , EGPYT was amazing!! The sun, sea and sand was glorious. We went snorkelling to Tiran island (an island between south arabia and Egypt) and we saw dolphins, large turtles, lots of fish and coral!!

Its a little disappointing being home now however got a little surprise once I returned home! I found out that Portugal , my next holiday, is now booked and we leave on the 15th August!! How exciting!!! I for sure need 2 holidays a year atleast! Yikes im so high maintenance!! 

Whilst away me and the boyfriend got a photoshoot which was really nice! We don't have that many nice photos together so we thought we would pend a little money and have a real shoot done which we could keep forever!

Overall we got 9 photos printed!!! But these 3 are my fave!! :) 

It felt quite awkward posing for a foreign guy with a camera in unite cringe positions but I am happy with the photos as they mark great memories!

During this lush holiday, I have still been on my diet!! I will update you on my process and how I lost a pound whilst still enjoying my holiday!!

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