Camel and Furr + Hats and Designer Bags // This Weeks Fashion Haul

By Carrie Rose | Wednesday, 21 January 2015 Leave a Comment

At Christmas I hid my money away in a little jar ready for when I use my new purse. Of course, hiding things in a 'safe place' can easily get forgotten about. SO, this Saturday when tidying my room and organising my things, I unexpectedly discovered some notes and immediately went shopping!

I did a big fashion and beauty haul and bought some great things. I wanted a full new outfit from shoes to a hat so really did treat myself with my christmas money I had found.

For weeks I have wanted a camel coat but when finding ones with price tags of over £100 I just couldn't justify that spend. However, when shopping in Leeds Trinity there is so much option where I could have a good browse and compare quality and prices. As soon as I saw this one, I loved it. The furr finishes the look and feels amazing in this horrible weather. However, you can actually remove the furr , change up the style and have more of a natural camel trench. Right now I am keeping the furr on as it keeps me cosy in this minus degree weather! Plus, for £50 I couldn't say no!!!!


I also really needed a new floppy hat after leaving mine on a train in London. I went straight back to Topshop and bought the safe floppy hat from there as it is perfect size and looks great.

I think a floppy hat can make a simple look SO sassy and complete a whole outfit. I love wearing mine when I hit the city shopping, and they are also an all year round item, fashionable in the summer too.

My outfit:  Coat: Newlook ////   Jeans: Topshop ////   Hat: Topshop ////   Bag: Greg Michaels* ////

My bag arrived before my shopping spree however I was so happy with this item. I have needed a small shoulder bag for ages rather than a chunky tote. This black over the shoulder clutch is the perfect bag for a date night, night out, or casual dinner with the girls. I feel like I will live with this bag at my side forever. The designer Greg Michaels has finished this bag perfectly. I love the simple design and reminds me so much of Micheal Kors but at a better price.

You know what they say, black goes with everything!!

I have had so many nice compliments about my new coat and so many looks when I wear my hat (not sure whether these are good or bad looks, but hey ho I feel fabulous!).

Have you had a fashion haul lately? Have you wanted a camel coat but been putting it off just like I did?

Well go for it girl and treat yourself!

How do you feel about big floppy hats?

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I will soon be posting about by beauty haul too including my fave new lipstick and chosen foundation!

Lots of Love 
Carrie Rose
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