Swimsuit Wishlist /// Scoop Backs and Sassyness

By Carrie Rose | Friday, 12 June 2015 Leave a Comment

I have FINALLY booked a holiday!!

YAY!! This house buying process has of course been taking our money as well as our marbles so we really needed a break!! After a bit of saving and a GREAT deal on travel republic, me and Harry will soon be jetting off to Alcudia in 19 days!!

And what does that mean ..... HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!

I admit, as soon as the holiday was booked I went straight online and searched for holiday shopping lists. I looked up holiday hashtags on Instagram for inspiration and of course, checked out some of my fave bloggers pages for ideas.

SO many bloggers have been going away lately either on holiday or with fashion/travel brands therefore perfect for us to get inspiration for what to wear!

If you haven't yet seen it, LIPSY took bloggers away to Ibiza just a week or so ago therefore checking out their Instagram hashtags and pages was great to see what they wore, get trend ideas for the poolside fashion, and steal some inspiration. The Ibiza holiday with Lipsy looked absolutely amazing and I personally got so many ideas for holiday fashion from bloggers Lydia Emillen, sarahhashcroft, and Yasmine Chanel! I just love their styles!!

I noticed this year so many people are rocking the full body swimsuits! Originally I thought they would give you super bad tan lines, but then I thought hey you can tan over them the next day!

As I have put on a couple of pounds over the last few months I am not feeling as confident as usual therefore a swimsuit for one or two days on my holiday would be perfect! They seem a great way not only to hide a bit of tum, but look sassy at the same time. I actually think they look so much more flattering too, and slimming for the body. I even love the way they highlight the hips and show off your curves a lot more nicely, just like Khloe Kardashian ;)

So I have put together a bit of wishlist (actual items I WILL buy) of swimsuits with scoop backs and lots of sassyness... So here goes:

Missguided £25

ASOS £28

Missguided £25

ASOS £22

Newlook £19.99
ASOS £22

Motel (ASOS) £35
Motel £39
ASOS £18

ASOS £28

Beach Riot £88 (ASOS)
Motel (ASOS) £35

Which ones your favourite?

What style do you like?

I personally love the Coral ASOS one and the simple Black one from ASOS 8th down!

Oh and heres one I'm waiting for to go on Missguided after seeing it on their Instagram as a sneak peak 

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