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By Carrie Rose | Sunday, 2 August 2015 3 comments
It's been wayy too long already since I went away to Alcudia and already planning my next adventures!! I miss the blue seas and white sand shown in my first Alcudia post here therefore looking at a city trip to Barcelona and Australia at christmas.

After waiting for our house to go through for the past few months and stress levels rising we booked Alcudia as a last minute trip to get away and just relax!!! It was totally unexpected but 100% needed as I hadn't been away this year and needed a break in the sun!

Whilst away we completely let loose in terms of eating healthy and watching our weight! I think we had cocktails and pizza pretty much every-night and of course lots of crusty bread and desserts! Who doesn't have crusty bread abroad??

Just look at that plate of chips!!! and the much needed Heinz Tommy K!!

One night we even spent the night on our balcony drinking wine, and playing cards and ordered a takeaway in!

But of course, we all want to pig out and eat as much as we can when were abroad but hey its not great for the bikini body! But threat not, I had my favourite swimsuit on hand to hide away the bloatness.

I absolutely LOVE this swimsuit! Its my new favourite and probably wore it most of my holiday! Its super flattering and the colours are so beautiful too. It matches with the blue ocean and makes you look super tanned also!!

I spotted it on Sarah Ashcroft and immediately bought it for my last minute hol!!

credit: @Sarahhashcroft Instagram

here from Boohoo for just £20 

After a gorgeous day at the beach, we went back and got changed for our next night out! This time I opted for a summery bodycon dress! So easy, pretty and light to chuck on! I buy most of my dresses like this from Primark! This one was just £5!!! (Not afraid to admit it) 

Because we love the beach that much we went back on the next day to sunbathe and top up our tan! The sunbeds were beautiful and after just a 5 minute walk down the end of the beach we reached our own private area which was much quieter and perfect for photos!! 

Today we knew this would be our last day before we spent 2 days of adventuring! On the next day Harry booked me surprise trip to the National Park in Alcudia where we went on an ocean challenge. We started off at the National Park and canoed our way to a cave! Once we were at the cave we were challenged to climb into a tiny hole to access it. Inside it was pitch black. We used head torches to navigate around and find our way through. In the cave there were 5 keys for us to find! After a good hour of searching, few slips and lots of giggles we found the keys and had to swim underwater to get out the cave through an underwater hole. In the cave the water was so cold but so blue. It in fast sparkled on the sea top, and the caves walls were like crystals. It was beautiful and we was so happy to experience it!

Once we were out the cave, we swam to the cliff side where we climbed up to access the main sea. Once at the top of the cliff, the only way was down therefore we spent the next half an hour experiencing cliff jumping, making sure we held onto our keys!! 

Once in the water, we were finally challenged to scuberdive underwater and find the lost treasure chest under sea. Harry dived down to the bottom and pulled up the chest (I was way to frightened of the deep water)! We then tested which one of the 5 keys opened the chest to reveal our prize. 

Unfortunately we didn't get one picture on this day! To be fair, we was too busy enjoying ourselves however at the time I would've LOVED a go pro to capture the moment!

Once we got back, we spent the day by the pool relaxing our legs, and catching up on the celebrity beauty and fashion world with my girly mag! 

The colours in my hair here are so strange! I have always had this random strip of blonde underneath and you can really see the strong ginger bits coming through!

That night we were both shattered, we went out for tea, a little walk to a random rock island and had an early night ready for our last day trip out to the local market and old town of Alcudia!

 Boohoo Outfit here

And on our last day, we headed to the old town for a walk around the local market! The walk was a lot longer than everyone made out, and in nearly 40 degree heat it was quite unbearable however when we got there it was very much worth it! We spent the day tasting local foods, drinking coctails and eating icecream! I treated myself to a Burberry scarf (yes its fake) but looks really good quality! 

Please ignore the mass of freckles!!!... and then we sat by the sea and watched the sun set!!!

Outfit from ASOS!

I have rammed lots into this blog post but really hope you have enjoyed catching up with my travels away to Alcudia! I have uploaded so many more pictures available to see on my Instagram! Please do check it out and love to see yours too!

Have you been away this summer?  Have you shared your holiday pics on your blog? Share with me your links and id love to read them!!


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  1. Jessie-Ann Lewis2 August 2015 at 21:24

    I have been to C'an Picafort which is quite close to Alcudia and loved it - it's beautiful! Also love your swimsuit and that pizza looks amazing! I love crusty bread rolls and pizza and spag bol whenever I'm on hol : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. looks like you had an amazing time. I'm going away in a few days, excited!!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. thriftylilpixie4 August 2015 at 22:58

    Looks like an amazing holiday