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By Carrie Rose | Tuesday, 25 August 2015 Leave a Comment
If you are like me and a total Instagram addict then here is a post for you. Whether I am at work, laid in bed, going for a walk, or out in the day I can't NOT have a scroll through Instagram and get some daily inspiration. I literally use the app (and those that I follow) for daily travel, outfit, hair, body, food, and makeup inspiration. 99% of those that I follow are probably bloggers, insta famous girls with hot bods and amazing lives. The other 1% are fashion brands!!! Its interesting that I don't ever follow hot guys! Its all about the girls and stealing their styles!!!

So in todays post I am going to share with you my favourite Instagram profiles for their lives, fashion, beauty and travel. Trust me.... you should deffo go and follow them all!!

1. For her style

Monikh has a very Monochrome style - perfect for Autumn/Winter inspiration

2. For her EVERYTHING:

Tasha has an amazing lifestyle, bikini business, beautiful body and fashion!

3. For her affordable outfits and style :
Kristy has an amazing style which is affordable! She showcases both day and night outfits!

4. For her outfits and makeup inspo :
Lucy as well has an affordable style. As a fashion blogger you can go get inspo and shop her style too! She also had great makeup!

5. For her style :
As the Editor of Hello! Fashion she knows what she is doing in terms of the up and coming trends and I just love her style for both day and evening wear

6. For her EVERYTHING!!!
I LOVE Hannah's style. She is also a fashion editor but wears both expensive and affordable clothing. I can tell she is a huge fan of ASOS. She also has a great interior design style and Pinterest to show

7. For her hair, makeup and fashion looks :
Lydia is a well known blogger and vlogger who has amazing makeup and clothes. You can shop her outfits on her blog

8. For her body, life and fashion:
Rachel is an american model who is soo beautiful. She has a dream life, amazing style and great for inspiration

9. For her more 'real' lifestyle and affordable clothes:
Han is someone I love following as she seems genuine and real. Her style is perfect for me and other fashion bloggers

10. For her whole style, makeup and affordable fashion trends: 

Sarah is a blogger that I follow daily. I love her style and always shopping what she wears! Her makeup and hair is perfect too. She has a perfect daily look and looks amazing during night events too. (I even added 5 images this time as there are so many amazing ones to choose from) . See my post where I bought Sarahs Boohoo swimsuit for my hols here 

11.  For her fitness, interiors, body and style: 

Lydia is also a well known fashion blogger and vlogger. She is famous for her fitness regimes and body shape, and has an affordable and also more luxury style too.

I initially tried to stick to 10 accounts however there were so many I just had to add a couple more on. Oh and of course, follow me too ;)

Because I'm awesome:

I often question are these people even real? Are you following these people? DO you get inspiration from Instagram? Who are you following that iv missed. Share your personal Instagram links below too!

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