A Bohemian Summer // How To Get The Look

By Carrie Rose | Tuesday, 17 May 2016 1 comment
So... lately I have been lusting over everything bohemian! Not only is it IN right now but it is so me! And now that summer is here (Kind of) I wanted to write a post sharing the best places on the web to get the look!

This is something I have been Googling for a long time! Boho dresses, Summer styles, How to's, and Bohemian outfits! One person that absolutely rocks this style is Instagram famous and travel blogger @Novalanalove . Not only is she my absolute idol, but her style is amazing and something I aspire too daily!

SO how to get this look???

Firstly my advice when looking online is to search under Festival edits! I have picked out my favourite outfits from a number of online boutiques and stores below.


£244.45 , £235.47 , £116.01 , £197.49

£118.08 , £121.54

£227.88 , £414.32




£12 , £35 , £12 , £30


Motel Rocks

£60 , £30  , £20

£45 , £39 , £45 , £45



£39 ,  £55 , £10

£38 , £94 , £24

£11.50 , £24.99

£39 , £44.99 , £38
 All these are on my wishlist which is why I wanted to share them with you. Revolve has been a brand I have been following for a while now as I love their stuff! Yes its a little higher priced but really amazing pieces

Whats your favourites? Are you a fan of the boho style?

Comment below and make sure you follow me on my Instagram at CarrieRosePR and the same on Twitter! I will soon be going on holiday and will be rocking some of these outfits so follow and see! Otherwise you can view my previous holiday pics here and more on my socials

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1 comment:

  1. Bola Sol. The Brand16 May 2016 at 13:37

    Great post, good idea to include all the prices so people can compare!