Bloggers at Ladies day // Featuring Motel Rocks at the Races

By Carrie Rose | Thursday, 10 September 2015 6 comments

A couple of weeks ago I attended the ladies day at Doncaster races for the very first time. I didn't know what to expect with the races but I can honestly say I had the best day I have had in a very long time!

On the day, I woke up to 21 degrees of heat and the sun shining beautifully. This made the day even better! For weeks before the event I had tried on a lot of dresses, hats and shoes as I genuinely didn't have a clue what to wear! Thank god for ASOS next day free delivery and a little help from you lot helping to decide. I wrote a blog post with some of the dresses I was choosing from which you can see here for wedding guest dress inspiration and the races too.

Getting ready for this event was super exciting! I had a glass of wine in my hand at 10am doing my makeup I was that excited!

As you can see I pre-tanned the night before using my favourite tan Fake Bake Flawless self-tan. I applied a light concealer under the eyes, over the eyebrow, and down side of my nose. I stuck to my usual Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer using it as a sort of contour. I apply the bronzer across my forehead, diagonally on each cheek and jaw bone, and around the chin. I then applied a brush of bronzer on my nose which creates a natural tan look. I applied blusher on my cheeks and used some simple thick fake eyelashes from Ebay!

My Ladies Day Outfit of the Day

After discovering this Motel Rocks dress on ASOS I knew it would be perfect for me. I was looking for a sort of skater style dress which flowed nicely and not to tight and uncomfortable for a full day at the races. Luckily the weather was beautiful so the dress was perfect for the day. I have found that coral/red suits me, my tan and hair colour really well so i was super excited to wear this dress.

Choosing a hat was just as difficult, trying to get the colour, size and shape right! Because I am not a regular races goer I needed a hat that I could wear again! So I went for this simple bow style one from Ebay! I know its something that could be worn with any dress as other events so worth a purchase! And my shoes from DaisyStreet


As I arrived, I started to spot some of the other bloggers attending the event and made our way up to the private lounge where we were greeted by James, our very own private waiter! James was amazing, he made our day super special, we had lots of fun with him and of course got a couple of selfies too. Before the day started I managed to get some pictures of the racecourse before everyone came. We had an amazing view looking over the finishing post with our own private viewing terrace and seats.

And then we indulged into a 3 course meal with unlimited champagne, prosecco's spirits oh and shots!

With eyes on the dessert from the beginning, this chocolate number with caramel, biscuit and ice-cream was my absolute favourite!

Once we had finished our meal, the races started! I placed a small amount on each race and won £5 throughout the whole day! It was exciting to win something even if it was just a little bit!

Some of the other blogging girls I met on the day were absolutely amazing! It was like I'd known them my whole life! Jugs of Pimms and a few shots later, we all managed to get a group photo and end the day by sneaking out some champagne for afters.

Here's some of my pics from the day...

A few bets on the horses!

Champagne service!

look how busy it is now!

the races

Winning Horse!

The beautiful Hannah Rose from and Lauren from watching the race

Holly from, Emma from, and Bryony from
Holly, Me and Bryony!

All the girls that were amazing to meet at the blogger event!

A groupie!!

Blogger Pic!!

An amazing day with some amazing girls!

Oh and thanks MotelRocks for my outfit!

Have you been to the races before or looking for an outfit? Whats your favourite blogger event? Comment and share your links below :)

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  1. you gals all looked lovely! :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Love the dress you wore

  3. signaturealicia12 November 2015 at 21:39

    Aaaah I have ordered fascinators/hats from this lady on eBay, she's fabulous and so cheap! Lovely outfit :-)