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By Carrie Rose | Saturday, 5 September 2015 1 comment
As you can probably tell, the WHITE trend has taken over my house! I love interiors that are bright and fresh especially as it improves photography so much.

A few people have asked me lately regarding my photos on my Instagram, is my house that white??? The answer is no!! Its so hard to get it looking so naturally bright and white without having glass walls! I wish!!

You can find out here, what paint I used and furnishings to get the white look in my house. However, using photography and editing software, I have gradually started to learn how to get this look on my images.

Favourite Photo Editing Apps for Bloggers- 

Some of my favourite photo editing apps include Instasize, Instagrams editing software, and Viscocam. I admit, I am guilty of adding filters and changing brightness quite a lot on my images. Nobody wants dark or dull images so why not?

So here I am going to give you an example of how I brighten my images for my blog and Instagram:

I took this image last night whilst getting ready for a meal with Harry.

It was taken in my bedroom which is very white in decor however because there is only 1 window in that room, the lighting isn't very strong. So heres what I did.....

I firstly selected this image using Instasize and selected the option adjust.

I then selected Warmth and turned it all the way down. This adds a white tint to the images

I then selected contrast and turned it up by 2 places. This is something I do to most of my images anyway even if there are other colours. The contrast selection is best to add light.

Then select shadow and again turn it down. On this image I turned it down all the way

I then usually and one or two onto sharpness to make the image more clear

Then I go to upload on Instagram and use their editing software on there if not fully satisfied with the whiteness.

I again select Warmth on Instagrams editing software and again turn it all the way down. Here you will see quite a big difference

Then to add a bit of softness/cloudy look, select filter Gingham (optional, not always needed)

Here you can see the clear difference on how you can use these editing apps to improve photography for your blog.

I hope this post helps you when editing your images. I wondered for a long time before figuring this out for myself. I have noticed my photography has improved quite a lot in the past few months and hope to get better too!

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1 comment:

  1. love these tips! I'm guilty of editing my photos too but who isnt? :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥