My Living Room Tour // How to Create a 'Chesterfield' Room

By Carrie Rose | Wednesday, 18 November 2015 8 comments
I can finally take you around my new home virtually starting with the living room!

My Living Room

I moved into my own house 4 months ago now with my boyfriend of 8 years! Of course, we have been very busy shopping for furniture, decorating and cleaning therefore haven't had chance to take some pictures and show off to you guys! However, today is the day where I will be sharing pics of my house starting with my living room as well as sharing my style inspirations too. We haven't exactly finished the living room as of yet, but I will explain our future plans in this post ....

So as soon as we bought the house the living room was a perfect blank canvas!! Perfect white walls, grey washed floorboards and a large open bay window (perfect for a Christmas tree)
Pinterest image of Christmas tree in window
Grey wash floor boards interior
Grey washed floor boards

It was a perfect space to get creative have a play on Pinterest to start to vision the finished room. 

My inspiration:

My vision was to create a fresh white open space with a hint of luxury but feelings of cosiness. There is nothing worse than entering a house and feeling like you cannot sit down and put your feet up and get snug, so this was something I heavily focused on for our home. You can probably tell from my other posts here and here that I do love White, therefore I decided to choose a white fluffy rug from IKEA and two large white/stone Chesterfield sofas!

(My living room)

 (My living room)

I once went on a tour around a luxurious mansion a couple of years ago and came across many luxury Chesterfield sofas and armchairs in most of the rooms. This is where I fell in love with this style and started to do my research. Chesterfields of London is one of the best places for a Chesterfield sofa as they have a wide range of textures, materials, colours and styles. I am a huge fan of a leather Chesterfield however we decided upon a material one for our living room simply for comfort and that cosiness I talked about earlier ;) Since buying both Chesterfields I have had nothing but compliments from friends and I know because of the luxury style of them, they hold their value really well.

As you can see here I have tried to add a touch of nature to the living room.
 (My living room)
 (My living room)
 (My living room)
(My living room)

I was passed down some of these lovely antique oak pieces of furniture from my dad when he passed and they are some of my favourite pieces of furniture. This luxury thick oak blanket box placed in the centre of the room adds a cottage feel to our living room. I also have this oak TV stand as I am not a fan of glass or plastic ones which matches too. 

(My living room)

(My living room)

These lamps are my absolute favourite and if I remember rightly they were both from IKEA too. The vintage style lamp shade surrounding was what caught my eye initially along with the pull string switch. As soon as I come home I sit in the living room, wrap myself in a blanket from the blanket box and switch on a side lamp! Its super cosy and I couldn't be happier with the furniture we chose. 

(My living room)

Additional to this, I wanted to add a touch of colour and nature using lily flowers, mini green bushes, large corner plant (Not sure what its called) and gold scatter cushions too. There are two reasons why I chose to add plants to my indoor interior... 1. to add colour to the room 2. to add a sense of freshness. I personally love indoor plants and you will find them everywhere from my kitchen to my bedroom which posts will be coming soon. 

And lastly, our log fire. Ok this isn't a real log fire it is just an electric one however it kicks out some amazing heat and looking cosy and cute. We have plans to build a surround around it and add a marble back just like this.... 

I ideally want it to look like this ready for our Christmas stockings and decorations however I think we will begin this project early next year. Id like to add a log feature as well and a stand out mirror on the wall above. 

I hope you like our living room style and make sure to check out my Pinterest board for full house inspiration. 

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  1. looks so pretty! Love the inspiration and I must say, you accomplished it well ;)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thanks Pam!!!! I literally copied of Pinterest but i think it is the best place ever for Inspiration :)