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By Carrie Rose | Friday, 5 February 2016 1 comment
I have always been curious about supplements, weight loss tablets and fat burners and actually gave them a try over December ready for my Caribbean holiday at New Year!

I was sent 31 days (90 capsules) of T5 Fat Burners to help me by Slimming Solutions . I had actually heard great reviews of them previously therefore was quite looking forward to giving them a try.

 The 90 capsules can be bought here at a discounted £19.99.

Before I started taking the tablets I decided NOT to weigh or measure myself but simply go off the way I feel and whether I could fit in my denim hotpant shorts from a couple of years ago. I tried on the shorts early december and they were extremely tight- I definitely couldn't button them up! And from then- it was game on!

I signed up to my local gym and used the T5 fat burners to help assist with my slimming down for holiday! I found that when I took a tablet in the morning it suppressed my appetite so I stuck to fruit for breakfast.

And when at the gym, I certainly felt motivated and worked up a sweat! I stuck to the gym around 3-4 days a week. At times I couldn't make it due to work commitments so made sure I went for a walk in the morning or at night instead. My favourite exercise at the gym is using the cross-trainer. I would start off at level 10 and work myself down doing 2 minutes on each level. So overall, 20 minutes on the cross trainer starting off on the high stiff levels but working slow to start off the muscles. And then got to the easier levels but worked my legs faster to build up my heart rate.

Admittedly, I am not the fittest person on earth! I have my days where I am motivated to go to the gm and power through it like Khloe Kardashian but then at times love to sit with my blanket on the sofa! So this for me was good!!!

During Christmas (half way through the month) of course I had a few days pigging out but definitely didn't go over board like usual. I continued to use T5 fat burners and made sure I ate in moderation. However, by this time I already felt better in myself.

On 27th December it was the day I flew to Barbados for a 2 weeks cruise around the Caribbean. I was packing my suitcase and made that decision to try on my shorts! And yes ..............THEY FIT!! Its actually a great feeling to see that the work over the last 4 weeks had worked and now I could enjoy my holiday in confidence.

Confidence is an important word for me! I have never been 100% happy with my body, weight or image (what woman is?). I am guilty of comparing myself to some of these Instagram famous hotties however there is one thing that I am... and that's confident in what I have! I think without that I would live in an unhappy world and wouldn't like to look back and think of myself as self conscious, unhappy and miserable in my 20's. I am not THAT BAD at all and know that I could look worse and could look better.. but I am after spending the last 4 weeks at the gym and with the help of the T5's I felt even better in myself for my bikini beach moments.

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  1. nice one! a little push doesnt hurt anyone!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥