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By Carrie Rose | Thursday, 14 April 2016 3 comments
Recently I was sent an invite by the lovely Louise at HDbrows.com to attend their exclusive launch event for the opening of their new High Definition Training Academy in Leeds.

As soon as I received the email I replied with a capitalised YES as HD brows is something I have wanted to try for a long time and very much needed too!

So me and Steph (another Leeds blogger) met up and attended the event together very much excited to get our brows done, see the new centre and test their much loved makeup range too.

 When we arrived, the new training centre looked stunning! It is situated by the canal opposite to the royal armouries and the interior was bright and all white - perfect for photography. 

We was greeted by the lovely Louise and the staff at HDBrows with drinks and snacks and was immediately introduced to the team and shown around their new space. The atmosphere and presentation was perfect and couldn't help but snap away! Of course!!!!

And then, we was sat at our stations and talked over the High Definition Beauty (HD Brows for short) process. Each blogger had their private station with their own beautician working on their look, perfecting it to each persons needs. 

As we all know, we all have different shaped faces, different hair colours and skin tones so YES there are so many different style, colours and shapes of HD brows available. Each beautician introduced the procedure and ask in detail what we would like from them, using pictures to inspire.

As a fair haired, tan loving blogger I really didn't want dark thick eyebrows! As much as it suits Cara Delvigne, its just not for me! So, I asked for a medium golden shade, thin-medium thickness and high arched shape brow! And yes thats exactly what I got!

Before (bushy)


before and after HD Brows

Within a short say half an hour, the beautician worked his magic and transformed my whole face (not just my brows). I could not believe the difference. He started off adding the dye to the brow to get the shade, and once this was done he created the shape.

YES HD brow does include a bit of waxing, threading and plucking but honestly it does not hurt. In fact, this was the least painful experience of threading and waxing I have ever experienced. They used plenty of creams and protectors and styled my brows perfectly!

So for those thinking about having HD brows DO IT! I believe they last around or up to 8 weeks therefore totally worth it!

After having my brows done, we was then taken to a makeup station where we was treated to a touch up and tester of their products. They shown me how to define the eye area, highlight and alluminate and loved my whole look. Their makeup was highly recommended to me before the event and having a tester proved why! Their lash and brow booster was one of my favourites and their illuminator too! You can find their makeup range (including the brow pencils they use for HD) on their shop here  I felt amazing leaving the salon! No redness at all!

HD Brow makeup

The lovely Ellie getting her makeup done 

gift bags

To have this sort of HD Brows experience you can use their Salon Finder to find the nearest one to you.

And for those looking to learn HOW TO do HDbrows and become a HD Brow beautician themselves, this is the place to train! Of course, we attended the event at their training centre in Leeds and this is where you could go and learn for yourself within 3 days! for more info on this you can read about it here

Are you a fan of HD brows? Anyone (like me before) never done anything with their brows and a little scared to make that move? Comment below and happy to answer any questions on my experience 
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  1. ive never done my brows like that but id love to! would save me so much time in the morning having to draw them in!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I was so sad to have not been able to attend this event, I was so excited when I got the info! :(
    I love HD brows. I've had mine done for the last 6 years and although I've since had semi-permanent brows done, I still get them HD topped up. :)
    I was however intrigued to find out about their make up. It's something my local salon has, however I've never enquired.
    Looks like a fab evening though ad your brows look amazing! :)


  3. Ellie Van der Werff19 April 2016 at 13:41

    Your transformation was amazing!!!
    Hope to see you again soon lovely! xxx