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By Carrie Rose | Tuesday, 20 December 2016 Leave a Comment
This time last year I was packing to on my first ever cruise around the Caribbean! Admittedly, I didn't have a clue what to wear. With a mix of articles and blog posts sharing all different sorts of advice, I thought I would put together a post to share my experiences of style on the ship and give suggestions of what I think you should pack!

Formal night style on the cruise

Firstly, formal night! Formal night is something I got completely lost at. I didn't have a clue what to wear. How formal if formal night on a cruise?

Well this is what I wore and certainly felt it was the perfect choice

What to wear through the day on a cruise?

When I am usually on holiday, hot pants and a bikini top usually do the trick but on a cruise you just get that feeling of covering up that little bit more.

I of course took plenty of bikinis but the odd swimsuit did help! The majority of the people on the cruise are above the ages of 35 therefore many were seen to be wearing swimsuits. As a young adult, I certainly weren't up for covering up all the time especially in 35 degree heat so a swimsuit like this was perfect for covering up, whilst looking stylish too.

This specific swimsuit is from Boohoo and one similar can be found here 

When it comes to exploring off the ship, or gong for lunch throughout the day I guess this would be like any other holiday. A simple throwover dress like this would be perfect to be able to cover up but then slip off when heading to the beach.

Shorts and a vest top is also a good option, especially if you choose to take off your top for tanning but also feeling cute in your style

shorts can be found on Missguided here

And lastly, beach cover up like this one is something I would definitely recommend. More to use whilst on the ship, laying around the pool or walking around the decks. Walking in your bikini can feel slightly uncomfortable on a cruise therefore being able to throw a cover up like this really is something that I see as a must to pack. You can find out where this is from here 

A casual/drinks evening

Many think that when on a cruise, formal evening wear is something that is needed every night. This is not true at all. Over the two weeks I was on the cruise, two formal nights occurred. You do have the choice to go to the more formal restaurants if you want extra nights as dressing up but casual drinks and 'night out' wear is definitely accepted and worn across the board.

Here is some of the outfits I wore whilst having drink nights on the ship!

The below outfit is something I took to add a bit of brightness to my winter holiday wardrobe! As you can tell from my Instagram I love colour when it comes to fashion. Colour makes you stand out and certainly your tan.

This outfit can be found here

Are you going on a cruise and want some extra advice? What company to book with or where to go?

Happy to answer any questions! Comment below or tweet me :)
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