Christmas Decor Inspiration - Trees, Wreaths and Lighting

By Carrie Rose | Sunday, 26 November 2017 3 comments
Its coming up to the 1st of December which mean its officially ok to Christmas the hell out of your house! But of course you want it to look good but don't want to have to spend lots of money when you have presents to buy for.

So I have done a bit of searching and shopping to share some Christmas Interior inspiration:

Christmas Tree Inspiration

Well, when it comes to Christmas tree decorating you kind of have two options:

1. The Minimal Look

2. The all singing and dancing look

    I am personally more of a fan of the minimal look! Rustic looking trees with acorns, decorated with white baubles. I think the Christmas tree is the most important choice first of all - as the style, thickness and height can completely change everything.

    When looking for a tree myself, I really wanted a green tree which had the frosted white snow on the tips and acorns all over. I wanted it to look as real and bushy as possible but last for years.

    Lakeland Furniture sold the exact one I was looking for and for an amazing price. 

    My Christmas Tree

    7ft snow flock and pine cone Christmas tree for £99.99

    You can also get it in 6ft or 8ft depending on how big your living room is

    The tree is super bushy, and I have had so many compliments. I bought my white baubles and stars from Debenhams and the white lights from Wilkos.

    However for those wanting to go all out, I have truly found the best place for Christmas tree decorations is HomeSense or Matalan. Their baubles are absolutely beautiful but can get pricey if you buy them individually.

    Festive Interior Ideas

    Other than the tree, it is super important to add a festive touch to the rest of the house.

    Christmas Lights:

    Lighting makes absolutely anything look festive! Wapping lights around your mantle piece or outside in the garden can really make it feel like Christmas. Festive have probably every type of fairy light you can think of to add a Christmas touch to your home. But here are my faves:

    From Left to right: Festoon fairy lights £8.99, Festoon Fairy lights style 2 £6.99 (on offer), Frosted glass jar fairy lights £4.99, Outdoor Festoon Fairy lights £9.99, Copper wire wall lights £34.99, Fairy LEDs £8.99. 

    The Festoon style fairy lights are my absolute favurite! Something I have been looking for myself. Not only do they add to the Christmas touch, but they can be used all year round either inside the home to give that cosy feel or outside to light it up during summer nights. 

    I also have a slight dream of being THAT house that I covered in Christmas lights outside. Im waiting to have kids just so I have an excuse but one day my house WILL look like this...

    Christmas Wreaths: 

    Wreaths are an absolute must when it comes to Christmas and there are so many alternative ways to have one. So here is some inspo:

    I hope this post helps you choose what look to go for, but of course If you are looking to make any of these yourself - take a look at this post here or Pinterest for guides. 

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    1. I definitely like a full of colour tree. I bought mine on amazon for only 39.99 :)
      Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    2. Joanne Amarisa5 December 2017 at 00:40

      Your Christmas tree is gorgeous! I'm really into the simple and minimal look. I love these wreaths you picked!
      I adore your blog, your content is really good! I'd love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Do let me know! <3 Have a nice week x

      Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

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