With summer balls and graduations coming up I thought I would help inspire you by summing up my favourite evening/event outfits from some of the celebrity TV awards that have occurred recently! When I had my summer ball all I remember doing is googling celebrity evening dresses to not only get outfit inspiration, but hair, makeup and accessories too.

So in this post I have summed up my favourite looks to help you choose your style!

As seen on CelebsNow and voted number 1 best dressed, Alisha Dixon at this years Baftas looked absolutely amazing! Yellow is something that will make you stand out. Her outfit kind of reminded me of the 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' movie with the famous and loved by millions yellow dress here. The open boob area may be a little too much for a summer or graduation ball and wouldn't want any fashion fails to take place. Similar styles like this in pale yellows can be found online and in high street stores like here at ASOS


Jenna Dewan also sported a soft yellow bandeau dress for the Golden Globes in 2015 which I blogged about here. The ruffle at the front hides any belly rolls or lumps and bumps which is perfect! I love this style and think its perfect for a summer event like this.

Brie Larsons Blue feather piece was absolutely stunning for the Oscars this year. I am personally a huge fan of this tone as not only is it a classy colour, its also bold making you stand out and highlight features.

Reece Witherspoon during the Golden Globes in 2015 looked absolutely amazing in her sequin detailed bandeau maxi dress. Her simple waves are perfect for any summer or grad ball. I also like how her makeup looks very natural. She has gone for pinks and peaches to compliment the tone of her dress and of course light skin. For those that are blonde like Reece pull off this tone of dress perfectly! Golds, greys and silvers are certainly for the fair haired however they do seem to suit dark haired women too but give off a different look. Dark haired women wearing golds and silver give off a seductive and sexy feel whereas Reece here gives off an angelic feel.

For those with dark hair and darker skin, the marroon colour would be perfect! Zuri Hall looked absolutely stunning in this gown during the 2016 Oscars. Plus this dress is something that is available in high street stores like Missguided.

Blake Lively although looked a little casual for the Cannes Film Festival this year, I loved her maxi jumpsuit in rich red with the neck detail. This sort of look would be amazing for an evening graduation ball and comfy enough for the partying after. I am too a fan of a rich red colour. Red is certainly the head turning colour and only the brave can pull this off.

Get the look too on Missguided!

And lastly Sienna Miller rocked a completely different look to everyone else during last years Golden Globes . Her boho/tinkerbell style was personally my favourite. Her hair also finished the look and think this is the sort of style I would go for during a summer ball.

Celebrity Watch  along with my voucher codes have summed up the most outrageous Met Ball outfits showing you what not to do or wear for an evening event like this. Of course, the biggest FAIL was Kim K's grandma curtain dress as she ballooned during her pregnancy.


My advice would be to stay away from patterns all together and don't go for a long sleeved without showing a bit of skin!

What sort of style will you be going for for your summer or graduation ball?

 For more informal outfit inspiration, you can see what I wore here for my recent awards night at work.

Last week I attended an awards evening in Manchester and want to share my outfit details (of course)

This outfit choice is not something I would usually choose. It was an 'add to the bag' moment to try on however when it arrived I absolutely loved it!

If you cannot already tell I usually love to wear bright colours! Blues, Pinks, Greens, Oranges are usually my thing however for an awards evening like this I knew this wouldn't be a great choice and probably would need to tone it down. The next choice would be black however it just doesn't suit me well!

I wish it did as I absolutely love most little black dress styles however its more the colour which drains out the tone in my hair and skin. So, I chose pastel colours! I received so many compliments about this outfit which I am so happy about (of course) so want to share where this beauty was purchased!

For those that cannot tell ... this is a body top and a separate wrap skirt!

The skirt itself is actually sold out but here are ones similar

ASOS £30

Boohoo £8.00

Riverisland £35

Exact top:

ASOS £18

OK I am writing a full blog post just about this outfit as it officially deserves the title of 'My New Favourite Playsuit'!

I bought this playsuit from ASOS during a random "need to spend money" spree back in January! It was FREEZING and was craving a bit of summer in my life so ordered this cute playsuit. And well as soon as it arrived I fell in love! The print might not be for everyone but it is SO me! The colour is so flattering and the fit too however this month (MAY) is the only time since purchasing this beauty I have had the chance to wear it!

I feel this outfit is a perfect summer day outfit with sandals, a cute holiday outfit, AND a night out for drinks with friends outfit! Well I totally would anyway!

And the amazing news to finish off...Ive just looked and its now in the sale for just £10!!!! (little annoying for me) BUT go guys... get it while there's chance!

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Recently I was sent an invite by the lovely Louise at HDbrows.com to attend their exclusive launch event for the opening of their new High Definition Training Academy in Leeds.

As soon as I received the email I replied with a capitalised YES as HD brows is something I have wanted to try for a long time and very much needed too!

So me and Steph (another Leeds blogger) met up and attended the event together very much excited to get our brows done, see the new centre and test their much loved makeup range too.

 When we arrived, the new training centre looked stunning! It is situated by the canal opposite to the royal armouries and the interior was bright and all white - perfect for photography. 

We was greeted by the lovely Louise and the staff at HDBrows with drinks and snacks and was immediately introduced to the team and shown around their new space. The atmosphere and presentation was perfect and couldn't help but snap away! Of course!!!!

And then, we was sat at our stations and talked over the High Definition Beauty (HD Brows for short) process. Each blogger had their private station with their own beautician working on their look, perfecting it to each persons needs. 

As we all know, we all have different shaped faces, different hair colours and skin tones so YES there are so many different style, colours and shapes of HD brows available. Each beautician introduced the procedure and ask in detail what we would like from them, using pictures to inspire.

As a fair haired, tan loving blogger I really didn't want dark thick eyebrows! As much as it suits Cara Delvigne, its just not for me! So, I asked for a medium golden shade, thin-medium thickness and high arched shape brow! And yes thats exactly what I got!

Before (bushy)


before and after HD Brows

Within a short say half an hour, the beautician worked his magic and transformed my whole face (not just my brows). I could not believe the difference. He started off adding the dye to the brow to get the shade, and once this was done he created the shape.

YES HD brow does include a bit of waxing, threading and plucking but honestly it does not hurt. In fact, this was the least painful experience of threading and waxing I have ever experienced. They used plenty of creams and protectors and styled my brows perfectly!

So for those thinking about having HD brows DO IT! I believe they last around or up to 8 weeks therefore totally worth it!

After having my brows done, we was then taken to a makeup station where we was treated to a touch up and tester of their products. They shown me how to define the eye area, highlight and alluminate and loved my whole look. Their makeup was highly recommended to me before the event and having a tester proved why! Their lash and brow booster was one of my favourites and their illuminator too! You can find their makeup range (including the brow pencils they use for HD) on their shop here  I felt amazing leaving the salon! No redness at all!

HD Brow makeup

The lovely Ellie getting her makeup done 

gift bags

To have this sort of HD Brows experience you can use their Salon Finder to find the nearest one to you.

And for those looking to learn HOW TO do HDbrows and become a HD Brow beautician themselves, this is the place to train! Of course, we attended the event at their training centre in Leeds and this is where you could go and learn for yourself within 3 days! for more info on this you can read about it here

Are you a fan of HD brows? Anyone (like me before) never done anything with their brows and a little scared to make that move? Comment below and happy to answer any questions on my experience 
Last week I was invited along with blogger Stephanie Jayne to the launch of the Tales of Bath spa treatment at Lush in Leeds. This is my 3rd blogger event in the past week as I attended the launch at Bodyshop too which you can read about here

For those that don't know (I totally didn't have a clue until I attended this event) Lush stores in big cities now have spas within the shop and sell relaxation treatments and experiences. However, these treatments aren't like no other. Lush Spa's aim to give every single customer a unique experience helping them break free from daily stress, bathe, rest and feel restored. This Spring on the 3rd March, was the day they launched a brand new treatment called Tales of Bath and it was so exciting to be one of the first people to hear all about it and experience demos within the spa in Leeds.

However, before we got down to the heaven that is Lush spa in Leeds, myself and Steph along with a number of local bloggers caught up over Prosecco, nibbles and cosmetic chat upstairs within the store! An amazing guitarist played music as we nattered and entertained all the guests.

Image of Glasses of Prosecco
Glasses of Prosecco
image of cakes and nibbles
cakes and nibbles
image of Cute Easter Cupcakes
Cute Easter Cupcakes 

image of guitarist
As you can see below, everything within Lush is majorly Instagram worthy so I took some pictures of some of my favourite products and bath bombs available to buy.

image of bath bombs
Bath full of what looked like pumpkin style bath bombs - little late!

Selfie of me
image of lush bath bomb
This one was one of my favourites! Smelt like summer and looked like a rainbow slice of watermelon!

sakura bath bomb
Sakura bath bomb

The Experimenter bath bomb 
The above bath bomb (the experimenter) was visually one of my favourites too! The guys at the store shown me how they make it and shown us the colours that come out of the bomb once placed within water.

lush bath bomb
making a lush bath bomb

the colours of the experimenter 
And then all of girls got the chance to make our very own bath bomb - the comforter which is Lush's most favourite product in the UK!

We was given the materials (not exactly sure what they were but they smelt amazing) which we then rubbed together to make our own shape and patterns.

This is me making my bath bomb, and the end product The Comforter!

making my very own lush bath bomb

what I made - The Comforter

Which I then got to take home

And then this is where the real magic happened! We entered the Lush Spa which was downstairs in the basement! Everything we touched or saw was either reclaimed, vintage or handmade and looked so cute! As we went downstairs I could immediately sense a change in atmosphere! All of the spa staff wore Pajamas as their daily work uniform and spoke softly to you. We was shown the spa surroundings, the spa rooms and treatments available and got to experience a small demo. After mine, I felt super relaxed and calm and felt inspired to take more time out for relaxation in the future.

The thing that made the treatments uniue was simply the enchnted experfience. All the staff really were passionate about what thbey were doing, one girl told us a story about fairies and presented music to us wth a poem experessing the importance of making us aware that we do not NEED to do anything!

After that, each guest within the spa would enjoy a bubble bath with all the right products the relax the muscles and then enjoy a massage within the treatment rooms.

Want to see? Here is a few pictures...
image of door to spa
door to the lush spa downstairs 
lush spa menu
Lush Spa menu
image of spa waiting room
Spa waiting room
tour round the lush spa with staff in pjs

Tales of Bath - Fairytale 

roll top bath image
roll top bath

The event was perfect and one of the best orginised I have ever been too! Have you got a favourite Lush product? Hs anyone ever tried the hair products? Share your views or links below!

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