Ok before I went away on holiday, and pushing myself at the gym, I believe I'd lost around a stone to a stone and a half! I was really worrying that I'd put it all back on again simply due to me being a fussy eater, thinking there will not be much for me to eat over in Egypt!! I set a plan in my head to eat lots of fruit, drink lots of water, and join in with some of the day activities the hotel organises such as water exercises etc!!

I searched the internet for extra tips as I really was worried after trying so hard for so long. On the other hand I was going on holiday , geezzz I still wanted to have fun!!

These are the things I took note of and changed whilst away:

I found that cocktails are the worst thing to have!! Luckily I am not a fan of coctails, more a wine or spirits girl!! So made sure I drank none or little coctails whilst chilling by the pool, drank lots of water and at the night times drowned myself in wine :) (Although wine is not too great for calories)

Secondly stayed way away from coke or high sugared drinks!! Just by choosing lemonade over fanta or coke made that slight different! Afteral every little helps!! However I did constantly have a bottle of cold water by my side :)

I also tried choosing soups and fruit, however I noticed when people were putting their fingers all over the fruit it was very annoying and put me off!!

During my holiday I did eat chip buttys, icecream and cheese sandwhichs, but they were the only bad things I ate!! I didnt eat a lot of them and if I did, I would make sure I ate nothing else that day or had something light!

This may sound to you as if I really dieted on holiday, but trust me I never! I ate what I wanted but substituted alot of my foods for things which were a little bit healthier like the drinks for example. I did alot of walking, swimming etc and for sure had an amazing holiday! Dieting was not constantly on my mind!!!

So if anyones in the same position as me worried about putting the weight on during your holidays then dont worry just make small changes and drink lots of water and youl be fine!!

As soon as I got home I put my suitcase down and ran to the scales and very luckily had LOST 1 POUND whilst away. YEEEEEEHAAAA! I was over the moon , as last year when I went away i put on 8 pounds !! YIKES!!! so that little bit of weight loss was a bonus!

TOP TIP OF THE WEEK : download my fitness pal app and count your calories!! It is the best thing iv done and made sure i dont go over my daily allowance!! Its brill!!

After having a good month off from blogging I am hopefully now back and keeping this updated.

I came back from my holiday and Egpyt and had an amazing time!! As it was my first holiday in Egypt and outside of Europe I was a little sceptic and unsure of how it was going to be, however I can say I really had a nice time!! The main thing I LOVED about Egpyt was the heat!! It was incredible!! Probably the hottest place iv ever been!!! It was 40 degrees everyday and for sure came home with a great tan!! (Slowly starting to fade and peel now which is soo dissapointing, sunbeds now it is!!! ;) )

When first arriving in Egpyt it was pretty scary!! It was late at night and men were walking the streets with shotguns and it didnt seem so pleasant! It was then I realised that Egpyt as the country is military run, so they dont have community police officers or bobbys on the beat in this area!!!

Other than feeling a little on edge , EGPYT was amazing!! The sun, sea and sand was glorious. We went snorkelling to Tiran island (an island between south arabia and Egypt) and we saw dolphins, large turtles, lots of fish and coral!!

Its a little disappointing being home now however got a little surprise once I returned home! I found out that Portugal , my next holiday, is now booked and we leave on the 15th August!! How exciting!!! I for sure need 2 holidays a year atleast! Yikes im so high maintenance!! 

Whilst away me and the boyfriend got a photoshoot which was really nice! We don't have that many nice photos together so we thought we would pend a little money and have a real shoot done which we could keep forever!

Overall we got 9 photos printed!!! But these 3 are my fave!! :) 

It felt quite awkward posing for a foreign guy with a camera in unite cringe positions but I am happy with the photos as they mark great memories!

During this lush holiday, I have still been on my diet!! I will update you on my process and how I lost a pound whilst still enjoying my holiday!!

Argan oil remedy - review

I recently ordered 2 bottles of Argan oil which is supposed to help girls with dead and dry hair. My hair has been so dry and dead lately, maybe with the changing weather, therefore hoped to save it with this product! I was advised to buy this by a friend and also the Aussie conditioning product too which is described as AMAZING!!

I read online that when in the shower after washing out the shampoo add the oil to your hair adding a conditioner on top and leaving for around 10 minutes before washing off! I followed these steps whilst also rubbing some of the oil in my skin as I also read somewhere it was good for that too. Once out of the shower, and washed the oil and conditioner out, I added a small bit of oil to the ends of my hair once dried with a towel hoping for brilliant results!

After id blow dried my hair and started straightening I almost suddenly noticed the results! My thick frizzy dry hair felt light, flowing, shining and soft just from a little bit of that oil!! I would advise to get this to anyone!!!

If you search Argan oil on Amazon you will find them going for cheap, a lot cheaper that in the shops!! I will keep you updated on how it works out over this week as I plan to use it daily!

I will soon review the Aussie conditioner too after giving that a try!

Ok whilst waiting on a few emails, I thought I would write a little post about what I have been thinking about today!!

Summer is coming up, I have 3 holidays planned ( So lucky) and all I keep thinking about is this summers fashion!! I have 2 weeks until my first holiday in Egypt and have been searching my house for all my summer clothes! WHERE THE HELL HAVE THEY ALL GONE!!

As I mentioned yesterday I ordered a few cheeky holiday clothes which involved 3 skirts and a dress but at the minute what I really need is summer day clothes which I can wear not only on holiday but also in England which we all know, is not that great weather!!

I literally live in leggings! Not only are they comfy, but they are cheap and easy which is perfect for me to slip on and get on with my daily tasks! But what I really need is summer tops and day dresses! I have searched and searched and can honestly say I have not been interested in any at the minute! In every shop everything is crop!! Im usually a huge fan of Topshop however i'm sure they make clothes only for 5ft size 8 females as everything is tight fitting and very short! I really hope im not the only one that's disappointed in this! I've found myself living in vest tops! DAMN YOU TOPSHOP! :(
So hopefully we will see a change soon, maybe new clothes will come out once it gets a little warmer! Maybe just maybe!

Anyway, a thing I really wanted to mention was how HOT are the tassle bikinis that are everywhere at the minute!! I love them!!

 Iv treated myself to 2 of them one in black and one in khaki green which is perfect for my skin tone and red hair!!

If anyones wondering where to buy them, Primark are selling them which are cheap too!
Also a few people have asked where they can buy a white one just like this from!! I have just found them on ebay for cheap here is the link...

I havent properly checked this link so if this link is not suitable, just try searching on ebay tassle bikinis and I'm sure you will find the one your looking for on there!

Other than that, I feel I need a new straw hat! There just a perfect accessory for the beach!!

Anyway... So iv been searching the web to find some good clothes websites! I've rinsed ASOS especially when its free delivery and returns at the minute, but dont know where else to look. IF anyone has any good website recommendations please comment below or have a chat with me through here or any of the social networking sites iv listed up above!

I just want to share this outfit to you all too as I am totally in love....

I really want one of these tops to go with all the skirts I have ordered! I found this top on ASOS, however feel my back may be a little too flabby yet as it is very open!! And also how cute is this skirt!!!!! If anyone knows where I can get this, please, SHARE!!!

If you are thinking who is that, its Charlotte from Geordie Shore ! How ace is she right!!!???

Anyway got to go!! Have a fun Tuesday everyone

Rather than lazying around thinking I will look fab and slim without any effort, I have signed up for the gym and aim to lose a few more pounds before my holiday to Egypt! During my years at Uni, I put on a fair bit of weight (too much alcohol and crap food!) and recently it hit me! I have never been this big and unhappy about the way I look, so I decided to start off focusing on my diet and happily I have lost 1 stone! I am extremely happy but even more eager to lose more! So today is the day I add exercise to my regime and home to sift a few more before my holiday :) I have bootcamp fitness class arranged for tomorrow so looking forward to that!

Not only do I want to look good, but its all about feeling good too which is why I have done a little online shopping! :)

My Asos order came today with a pretty little number inside! I was a little worried that I had ZERO summer/holiday clothes especially when Egypt is only 2 weeks away! Apart from sending 2 items back simply because they were too big (wooop wooop), I loved my new items! I'm really liking the whole space pattern trend at the minute and thought I would treat myself to a space patterned skater skirt!

What do you all think???

The skirt is perfect fitting, compliments my tan, and was cheap!! £16 I think! I feel I can wear this on nights out with a cute black purse and high heels and also on holiday!

So far I have had over 300 views in just 2 days! Keep reading :)

I want to give my readers a quick update on my weightless progress a I guess it motivates me talking about it to others too! I knew I would find weightless hard and it really is proving to be difficult. As you all probably know it is so easy to just pick a biscuit or consume lots of calories from one can of coke! Well so far I have done really well! I am counting my calories daily through my fitness pal app, swapping bad to good and exercising too. However, you guys probably don't know this but I am a fussy eater therefore struggling with healthy meal options.

I am that fussy I have visited my doctor for nutritional advice. We went through a list of foods I do like (not many at that) and combined items to make healthy meals and snacks. If you feel you are really fussy too to the point where you struggle in restaurants, my doctor advised me that it is simply all in my head. He says my mind rejects food and not my stomach!
I used to live off anything made out of potatoes! I don't like meat, I don't like salads but what I do like is fruit and soup! So that is now my new diet! I go to the gym around 4 times a week but planning on going everyday this week!

In just 5 weeks I lost 1 stone and 4 pounds and now I have lost 24 pound overall! Thats just under 2 stone and here is my before and after pic:

weightloss process before and after lost 24 pound overall

This is a side picture of my progress! The picture on the left is the "before" picture, and was taken during 1st year of uni when I was at my highest point of weight! And then picture on the right was 2 days ago when trying on my new bikinis showing how much fat I have lost off my belly, legs, and arms! Although I have lost a lot of fat and not so plumped anymore, I am still very wide! I have figured that my width and my hips will be the last place to go so I am determined to keep going to drop some dress sizes!

I am currently doing the 30 day squat challenge to help lose of my hips! I have found over the last few days that I keep forgetting about doing them so when i'm lying in bed about to go to sleep late at night I keep remembering and forcing myself out of bed to do over 100 squats! Now thats determination!

If any of you are interested in taking part simply follow the chart below to a good peachy bum!

30 day squat challenge

I will certainly keep you updated on my progress :)

My mum came home with a surprise!

Both me and my sister (Courtnay) received a message to prepare ourselves for a little package! We waited in excitement guessing from Mac makeup, to a Michael Kors handbag!

Mum came home looking just like normal! She walked into the kitchen, handbag over her shoulder, flicked the kettle on and asked us about our day! But then ..... She opened her handbag! and the most amazing little present was sat within!

Coco Rose our new Miniature Yorkie Terrier Puppy! She was the most scared little thing, shivering in her fluff boots, hesitating to leave the comfy little pouch my mum had made for her!

coco puppy cuteFor the first few weeks she struggled to walk! Her little legs weren't very strong however after a few months she was tubbing down the stairs and jumping around like a little tigger! She is the most angelic little devil going! She has the cutest puppy dog eyes but always gets her way! A true little princess!

She likes it when I have a messy room as she snuggles in my clothes and then rips holes in my socks! A you would have guess we call her the little devil! However she does receive many other names including CocoPops, CocoPops and Milk, Fluffy Totter and Twinkle Toes!

She is literally part of the family and we wouldn't have it any other way!

She eats anything and everything! She's even ate our converse trainers! At this very minute she's laid snug in my clothes on the floor and she's making little noise's while she dreams! She's a little tired out today after helping us build a fairy house for the garden!

Weve always wanted a little fairy house in our garden , with lights, sofas and cushions so my step dad built one today! The bits and pieces were delivered yesterday with instructions to build it ourselves. Unfortunately Coco ate the instructions so we spent most of yesterday sticking them back together..........
I will update you on the progress of our fairy house tomorrow as its nearly been put up!!

Best crack on with this tidying!
I thought I would kick start my blogging by really sharing a little about me! As it is Friday, I am going to do a quick throwback and share with you the story about 'Ginger Rosie Spudda Nosie':

This was my nickname as a child!

I had long bright ginger hair, rosie red cheeks and a spud nose ( in other words a button nose)! My dad used to call me this all the time and also my god parents after it being so catchy!

I used to hate my ginger hair when I was little! I was the different child! Probably the only one in my class and suspiciously the only one in my family (My mum swears I am not adopted). I had short baby hairs that stuck out on the sides. The slight bit of wetness my hair turned wavy and It once grew so long I tripped over it running up the stairs! But NOW I LOVE IT! Everywhere I look there is ginger people all around! Even fake gingers! People that have chose to die their hair ginger! And I love it! My hair is thick and golden and dying it is something I will never do!

In the picture on the right, there is me in the middle, my cousin Vicky on the left and my two sisters on my right! Courtnay in Green was a cheeky little one (and still is) and Charnee is the big sister, the sensible one at that! We as sisters are best friends and as we often went out on the narrow boat, drank warm blackcurrent and went fishing with my dad!

family days- little
 I believe these days were the best days of my life! I remember my parents telling me when I grew up I would regret wishing my life away! I replied 'whatever' but now understand exactly what they meant!

Anyway, you have now been introduced to me and my family! I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself but it is quite fun! A lot more funner than tidying my room (which really needs doing right now)!

Its the run up to summer and I have spent most of my days sitting out in the sunshine, topping up my tan and finishing off uni work (Except I sat and caught up with Kardashians)! But today my tanning got disturbed!

As I said in my previous post, We are in process of building a fairy house at the bottom of the garden and today it is finally complete!

fairy house
finished fairy house

My mum has found a new love for sowing so this will be her little home for the next few years I am guessing! Now it is built she plans to add bunting, little curtains, a sofa and electric to making it more pretty. Coco also loves the new fairy house! She has her own little dog house to go alongside but she gets scared when looking it! The fairy house is complete and Coco is just waiting for the fairies to come now!

First Blog Post!!

Uni friends social nightoutAhhh first post!! I was nervous but excited to start officially blogging but now there is nothing stopping me ! I wanted to start this blog as I genuinely love talking, sharing, and socialising as a hobby so I thought why not???

I have lots I would love to already talk about however I think it is best to first introduce myself!

My names Carrie Rose, I am now 21 years old ( scary) and just graduated from Leeds University and landed myself a perfect job in PR (even more scarier). As you may see in my About page, I love social media and happy for you to follow, comment, tweet or like (whatever takes your fancy)!

Ok enough about me!!!  And a little about you...

I am hoping you will like my blog and get a little insight into my life, dreams, hopes and fears (Ok not fears!)

You will start to see my blog bulk up with lots of post, comments, likes and subscribers (wishful thinking) and I hope that you enjoy!

This is something I am doing in my spare time but would love to build up my blogging presence and on social media too!

My blog will consist of photos of my daily fashion wear, beauty products I try, my bad morning hair turn to glam with different styles, and stories about me, my life and my style! (My Lifestyle!)

I hope I see you back on here again :)